Design and Installation of Floodlighting

The design and installation of floodlighting to Sporting Venues and area lighting including the upgrading of existing floodlighting installations to LED with all installations complying with the  Australian Standards and AS 2560 Sports Lighting specific applications.

Service and Repair Existing Floodlighting

We also service and repair existing floodlighting installations replacing lamps and control gear components. We design and install Xbee wireless switching controls where practicable and realistic to both new and existing installations to meet our client’s requirements.

Assemble and Erect all types of Lighting Columns

We assemble and erect all types of lighting columns and poles and give particular attention to difficult locations and special purpose built columns and poles. We also assemble poles using our own designed and built hydraulic power unit which ensures we meet the manufacturers slip joint requirement and the sections are correctly aligned.


We design and install foundations in accordance with AS/NZS 4676 Structural design requirements for Utility Service Poles. Foundations are installed based upon the manufacturers recommended detail and further checked with a Brinch Hansen computer generated design.  The subsoil conditions are checked with a pocket penetrometer at the time of excavation and the depth of the foundation adjusted to meet the specific subsoil conditions and AS/NZS 4676.